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Extreme Vapour by Elite Labs
Severe Vapour is a series of four fruit based E-Liquids, that guarantee to supply surprising flavour- with any luck in a great way!

Created and generated in Poland by Elite Labs, the array presently includes 4 E-Liquids in Twisted Fruits, Grapy Fusion, Crystal Lime and Melted Mango which are all manufactured in-house from the best active ingredients.

Extreme Vapour is blended to a 70/30 VG/PG proportion, and also they are presently available in 20ml, 100ml and 50ml absolutely no nicotine shortfill bottles, suitable with a nicotine shot of your option.

Twisted Fruits

Delicious eco-friendly mango complied with by unique fruits ...

A sour, unripe mango flavour standing for the eco-friendly mango is the initial flavour that I discover, as well as it's rather a wonderful and refreshing modification from some of the overly pleasant and also sharp mango flavours that I have actually attempted in the past. It's extremely well balanced, and assimilate perfectly with the various other flavours.

There's also a touch of pineapple as well as what tastes like guava, adding to the unique ambiance of the environment-friendly mango. Flavour shipment I found to be very smooth, with no noticeable throat hit to speak of.

Grapy Fusion

Delicious juicy and also sweet grape ...

Grapy Fusion is a simple blast of wonderful grape, with a sour and very wonderful surface to it! Ive found that several grape E-Liquids I have attempted in the past can taste fairly sharp as well as synthetic, but not so here- it's a well balanced E-Liquid that supplies smooth as well as authentic sampling flavour.

Crystal Lime

Delicious lime adhered to by smooth as well as juicy lemon ...

I half expected Crystal Lime to be an additional Sprite inspired E-Liquid, like several others available with the same profile, however I was left pleasantly amazed by this E-Liquid.

There's a appetizing and also wonderful lime with a background of crisp lemon, as well as a sour note to complete. Just like the other Extreme Vapour E-Liquids, flavour delivery was very smooth without throat hit to speak of.

Melted Mango

Delicious fresh mango ...

As I've mentioned lots of times recently, I do love an excellent mango E-Liquid as well as I'm always happy when I obtain a new one to evaluate!

Melted Mango is a complete flavoured, Mango E-Liquid vape that boasts a genuine preference to it, making for rather the rejuvenating E-Liquid! This is an E-Liquid I most definitely did enjoy vaping, and one I would gladly vape once again in the future!

I couldn't assist yet feel that these E-Liquids had a real 'Malaysian feel' concerning them, packed with a lot of lip smackingly sweet flavour! They are adept when it involves vapour either, with a lot of clouds to be discovered below!

Whereas a great deal of the Malaysian E-Liquids that I have actually vaped can be quite rough on your coils, I discovered the Extreme Vapour array wasn't as severe. There was very little gunk and also sugar accumulate also after vaping these intensively!

If you are a follower of fruity and extremely pleasant E-Liquids, that have extremely extreme flavour profiles to them, after that these will most definitely attract your tastes!

Numerous thanks to Elite Labs for sending out the Extreme Vapour range in for evaluation! If you want buying these items or want wholesale for your vape shop then please call Elite Labs here - Elite Labs have actually also given nine collections of the full variety to distribute, to be in with an opportunity of winning then go here!

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